King of buses

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Back in the late 80's I recall Peter catching his favourite bus (the fabled '77 Dennis Dominator) from my highly polished bus depot in East Yorkshires favourite town. On occassion when the Dominators were in for service or repair we would have to rely on the Austin Atlantean, this made Peter unhappy and would send him into one of his 'dark moods' which could only be lifted by the songs of 'Don't Ask' - a local pop combo whose original singer was expelled after some rather distasteful dancing at one of their sell out gigs in The White Horse... But I digress.

Peter, if you're reading this like once you would've read the timetables at Sow Hill, please remember to call in for some hot Bovril and Nik-Naks like the good old days. I've got some Anal beads and KY in one of my cupboards if you fancy getting mucky in that dark corner of Nellies Car Park?

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