Re: They Will Come Peter ! They WILL COME !

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Yes, I'll come Peter, I will. I'll bring my own style of special red hair to the party. Red hair, worn like a helmet from nazi germany and people will ask "who is the man with the helmet of red hair standing quietly in the corner?" And you will reply "He is Alan. He is my friend, my friend real and true. Not like these others whom for years I have attempted to rid myself of. No. Alan is my friend, my friend real and true." And then we will hold hands Peter, and walk together to the bus station where we first kissed, and you'll hold me like a man holds a wheelbarrow and you will look into my eyes and say "It's alright Alan, it's OK. Everything's fine. You're hair looks wonderful tonight".

I know it's going to be just like that, why on earth should I think anything other than that will happen? It's not like you've gone and got married or anything is it. Is it?

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